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32 Resources to Build Your Internet Strategy

Book, White papers, Workbooks, Webinars & Blogs provide you the information you need to develop a comprehensive, successful Social Media & Internet Strategy


Don Philabaum


Thanks for stopping by! 

Over the past decade, I've spent early mornings writing and researching how organizations can use Social Media and Internet strategies to connect and engage with their customer base. 

In the process I've written books, white papers, issued reports, blog articles, put together workbooks, held hundreds of Webinars - all designed to help small business, non profits and organizations develop a comprehensive Internet strategy.

These documents were scattered all over my office, hard drives and in the cloud.  

Recently, a friend of mine suggested I organize them and make them more easily available.  So, after another couple of early mornings -viola. Here they are!  Click on any of the books, whitepapers, workbooks and webinars for more details and to download them.  

You'll quickly see if I'm heading in the same direction you want to go!


White papers

  1. Facebook 101 for the Executive Suite
  2. 51 Facebook Content Strategies for your Organization
  3. 67 + Admissions Facebook Fan Page Content Strategies
  4. Admissions Social Media Assessment Guide
  5. Creating a Campus Fan Page Strategy
  6. Tapping into the Social GRID with Facebook Apps
  7. Content is KING!
  8. Alumni Associations - Your NEXT Net Thing
  9. DIME Distributor Net Strategy
  10. Reduce "Summer Melt" 6 ways
  11. Online Community in the Pioneer Days
  12. Six P's of Building Online Community
  13. Add LUCK to your Online Community



  1. Facebook 101 for the Executive Suite
  2. 6 Powerful Customer Behavior Changes Drive BUZZ, Leads & Revenue
  3. Create a Conversation With Your Fans
  4. Fan Page Photo, Tagging & Content Strategies
  5. Building Support for your Social Media Strategy in the C' Suite
  6. Facebook Social Plugins Offer Enormous Opportunities for Your Organization
  7. Recruit Students with User Generated Content
  8. Create a Capital Campaign Internet Strategy
  9. Converting Interest into Engagement.  Determine the Value of Facebook Apps & Fan Pages




Thanks for checking these out. 

Do let me know if you have any questions and or want to kick around ideas.  I passionately believe organizations like yours have an enormous opportunity to TAP into the Social GRID to communicate and engage your customer base. 

Oh, and for some background info on me -CLICK HERE!

Don Philabaum
800-805-9413 x 3

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Resource Book

 Whitepapers, Reports, Workbooks, Blogs and Research by Don
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