Tuesday, September 29, 2020

 What's YOUR Facebook Strategy?

Facebook is the 21st century’s worldwide phone book. But it’s a phone book that provides you as many listings as you want, anywhere in the world, AND even lets you include photos, audio, video, links, PDF, Power Points and much more! Facebook is expected to reach 300 million users worldwide by this fall.   That gives you an unprecedented opportunity, all at no cost!

Why are you not taking advantage of this opportunity?

Nearly all departments in your organization can use Facebook:
  • HR is using it to find and vet candidates
  • Marketing is using the viral nature to reach customers networks
  • Product development is enlisting customers feedback
  • Sales is using it to learn more about their prospects
  • Customer service is getting feedback where customers are
We help you determine which of the 5 Facebook tools will help you achieve your goals!
  1. Facebook Public Profile Pages
  2. Facebook API’s
  3. Facebook Connect
  4. Facebook OpenStream
  5. Facebook Advertising
We’ll bring you up to speed on the opportunities; eliminate the roadblocks and give you access to a whole new marketing and customer engagement channel.
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We’ll help create a successful Facebook strategy for one or all departments in your organization!
Current Projects
The University of Akron understands the behavior of their prospective students and parents have changed.   Their students spend less time reading magazines, newspapers, listening to the radio and watching TV.  YouTube, iTunes, Facebook and their mobile phones are their new entertainment and communication channels.  The admissions office asked us to create a Facebook application that would take advantage of the opportunities Facebook provides to reach their prospective student audience. 
TalentMarks is an online career coaching, job search and employment recruitment company.  The firm helps college graduates and alumni use their alumni network to find jobs and do business with each other.  TalentMarks asked us to create a Facebook application that makes it easier for alumni to mentor students and other alumni.   The application brings career experts and professional career coaches together with alumni









Facebook Facts

  • 80 million US users
  • 35 older are fastest growing ages
  • Ave. user has 130 friends
  • 6 billion minutes spent each day
  • 40 million status updates per day
  • 10 million users fan a page each day
  • Ave. Facebook session is 5 minutes
  • 25 and up are fastest growing user base
  • 2 billion photos uploaded eah month
  • 65 translations available
  • 45 million active user groups
  • 70% user monthly use apps
  • 350k applications
  • 15k websites use F-Connect
  • 65 million access via mobile


Facebook 101 for the Executive Suite


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