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 What's YOUR Internet Strategy?


The Internet has eliminated more jobs and put more companies out of business than you realize!

Entire industries have been eliminated because of the disintermediating effects of the Internet.  While your business, college or non profit may seem immune from competition, we'll give you a long list of companies or organizations who felt the same way!

You need a comprehensive Internet strategy!

Not just an email marketing strategy.  You need to begin to develop strategies on how you will use:

  • Facebook, Linkedin and other online communities
  • Social media and Web 2.0 tools
  • Twitter, YouTube and Lin
  • Online advertising and

You need a strategy to "fish where the fish are at"

Your customers are online 24/7/365 and more accessible than ever.  They are sharing personal data that will help you close a sale, secure a contribution or fund a new startup. 

We help organizations like yours figure out how to use the new tools and services to help you be more relevent to your customers.  Click on the right into the specific fields you are in for details.



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